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CHeKT truly is the first company to provide integrators with affordable video monitoring solutions!

We know this is a bold statement.  But here's what separates CHeKT:

  • The CHeKT solution was developed by an integrator for integrators.
  • Our solution is powered by the industry's best edge-based analytics, significantly reducing false alarms.
  • Our digital inputs allow your customer to determine when an event is recorded even when the system is disarmed (i.e. panic button, external contacts, etc.) 
  • Our CLOUD-BASED solution allows any central station to access CHeKT cameras using your existing automation software, so there are no up-front costs except the cost of the camera! 
  • Installing the CHeKT camera is as simple as installing a motion detector.
  • Upgrading a system simply requires you to remove a motion detector and, with the same four wires, install the CHeKT camera on any security panel.
  • Our CHeKT mobile app allows an installer to set up the customer and camera information and push it directly to the cloud.
  • When an event occurs, video of the event is then pushed to the central station.  
  • Even an entry level operator can begin viewing snapshots and video with very little training

 CHeKT truly has created the very first affordable video monitoring solution in the security industry.