For the first time, CHeKT provides a video monitoring solution that makes dollars for the integrator and sense for the end user.

With cloud based recording and hi-definition video, CHeKT turns a camera into a detector and a detector into a camera. As the integrator, you can now provide a hi-definition camera solution to your clients with smartphone access that today’s customer’s demand.

When the business closes, the same camera becomes a detector that triggers the alarm and delivers video directly to the operator processing the alarm signal. This allows the operator to see exactly what caused the alarm to occur.

The CHeKT camera does not require its own power supply, but is powered by the security system and connects to the cloud through the client’s wifi or a hard-wired network connection. The camera is intelligent enough to know, if it has been covered, moved or disconnected and will activate your alarm system even if it is disarmed. This gives you as an integrator the assurance that your camera is functioning properly and will alert the central station when it is not.


CHeKT's cameras have Digital Inputs and Outputs with edge base vidio analytics powered by VCA,  giving integrators a unique level of reliability and functionality.  The CHeKT camera can replace a motion detector and provide an interactive experience for both the integrator and their customer. 

VCA Analytics detection
When video analytics are triggered,  Digital Output signals will interact with any security panel and also provide visual indication using LED lights on the camera. (LED can be disabled)

VCA tamper detection
When the lens is covered or even moved, the Digital Output is triggered sending a trouble signal to the central station.  The camera detects tampering whether the system is armed or disarmed.

Network loss detection
If your customer's internet signal is interrupted, the Digital Output is triggered notifying the Central Station. 

SD card failure
When the internal storage on the camera fails, the Digital Output is triggered notifying the Central Station.

Power loss
If power on the camera fails the Digital Output is triggered notifying the Central Station.

Digital Inputs on CHeKT Camera
Our Digital Inputs allow you to trigger an event on the camera to begin recording video.  (i.e. panic buttons, door contacts, traditional PIR motion detector, etc.)